Ratrod-O-Rama 2015 – Passion and Rust

Hundreds of custom ,,rust” enthusiasts gathered in Oregon USA for the 8th annual edition of Ratrod-O-Rama. In a world of technology, fuel mappings and safety features, a small core of old school die hard enthusiasts gather year after year to display their latest creations. For them ,,shiny and chrome” is a blasphemy and rust, iron […]

Beginner Rider Vs Powerful Motorcycle

Many novice riders have been attracted to powerful motorcycles. Also many of them chose big displacement bikes as their first motorbikes . Is it really a bad idea for a beginner to start riding on a powerful motorcycle or is it just a myth?  Many people say that you control the throttle and not the other […]

Mad Max Fury Road motorcycles

The Mad Max franchise, one of the most iconic names regarding post apocalyptic future has gained millions of fans around the world. And the fourth movie entitled Fury Road promises to raise the bar even higher. If we can compare this statement with the modified motorcycles from the movie, chances are that Mad Max Fury […]